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Unlike other large organisations in the Mowing Services Industry, we are not a “Franchisor” with individual “Franchisees” dependent on the “Brand Name” of a “Franchised Business Model.”
You or your organisation will have a “Direct Relationship” with us, as one of our “Most Valued Customers.” We seek to win your business, by providing “Outstanding Service” in satisfying your needs with a range of “Value Added Services” and products delivered efficiently and economically.

To ensure this level of “Quality Service”, we have harvested and contracted the resources of a very proud team of Sub-contractors, who are all highly experienced professional mowing & gardening operators, happily committed to their work and endeavours in ensuring your total satisfaction in carrying out any task on your behalf. Our teams have undertaken extensive study in Horticulture and Lawn Care.

Furthermore, they are “Fully Insured” for Public Liability and compliant with all Statutory WH & S Regulations. They continue to update their training from time to time to satisfy any changes to this important area as required by law. Similarly, they are also extremely “Environment Aware” and undertake “Best Industry” practices to protect and preserve it at all times, especially with the treatment of waste and rubbish removals and the application of chemicals and pesticides.

They enter into a “Collaborative Relationship” with us, which is underpinned by a formal and legally binding agreement that provides mutual benefit and consideration to all parties. Our team of “Sub-contractors” are further accountable through strict KPI’s and also incentivised through our “Rewards and Recognition” scheme. We ACA, provide the clients and management in the relationship.

Together, we are a “Formidable Team,” which ensures we proudly are “A Cut Above.”


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