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We offer a wide range of Service Programs to both our “Commercial & Industrial” and “Residential” clients. Our service programs are designed around “Seasonal” requirements and are “Tailored” to best suit our “Client’s Specific Needs” and “Budgetary Considerations.”

For those clients who wish to have the “Perfect Lawn Presentation” through all seasons, we recommend that you choose to utilise our “Lawn Fertilising Packages.” We use the professional services of well respected company, “Coochie Hydro-Green,” which have “Mobile Units” to apply and spray the correct “Herbicides” and “Fertilisers” to your lawn, ensuring you always have a “Verdant” and “Weed Free” lawn. This is a specialist area, requiring their “Green-keeper” certification and knowledge. The cost of these programs, represent excellent value for money well spent.

“Mowing Schedules” will vary between the warmer and cooler seasons. However, it is usual for lawns to be cut fortnightly between October and May, lessening in frequency to once monthly between June and September. If you wish to avail yourself of weekly or three weekly scheduling, this can be accommodated with the “Financial Benefit” of a reduced price for your overall service costs.

Winter is also a good time for “Garden Makeovers” and to undertake any weeding and to prepare the soil and garden beds for any “Plantings” you may wish to have bloom in the Spring months ahead.

“Pruning” of Roses and Shrubs should also be undertaken during this season after their “Flowering” is over.
Whatever the season, our team of professionals will always ensure your property is “A Cut Above” all others.


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