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There is an old saying: “Nothing happens until a “Sale” is made.” This is definitely a “Truism” of our business. We sell our “Valued Services” to both “Commercial & Industrial” and “Residential” market segments.

We “Sell” our services as a “Value Proposition” to our prospective clients representing an “Honest Opportunity” for them to avail themselves of the wonderful features that our services and products can provide them with.

We offer only our “Integrity” and “Honesty” in achieving this aim. We have no need to misrepresent or harass our prospects to deal with us. We do however, offer a “Real Value for Money Proposition” or “Deal” for another word.

As a “Direct Selling” salesperson you will be expected to generate “New Business,” from “Cold Calls” in a “Face to Face” environment either from a business appointment or through the rigours of “Door to Door” selling of “Residential” prospects.
You will be provided with excellent training to develop your “Selling Skills” and to understand that you “must always be polite and not pushy” at a prospect’s door. You will be taught to “Inform” your prospect of the “Opportunity” you are offering and to make the most of your chance to “Win” another “Valued Customer.”


Selling is a “Transference of Feeling” about the products and services you represent. If you “Believe” in these values you could become a valuable “Team Member” of our sales team.

Needless to say, you will be a “Self Starter” with a propensity to achieve demanding targets and take pride in your achievements. You will recognise that “Selling” is a vehicle you can use to achieve your “Ambitions”and also accept that you can only “Serve” your customers by “Selling” them.

“Reward and Recognition” awaits you, along with a generous commission structure to remunerate your outstanding efforts.
Furthermore, your successes will prepare you well for management advancement and ongoing education in this forever growing business concern.

Please contact our Sales Director, Mr Alan R Hawes. Email a_hawes@bigpond.net.au Or phone Alan on 0401395823.
He would love to hear from you.



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