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Team (Sub-contractor) Opportunities
We believe in the concept of “Whilst You Are Green You Will Grow!” Just as the grass we cut does. We are a rapidly growing organisation with a need to ensure we can always service the needs of the customers we gain through our “Direct Selling Activities,” in a timely and satisfactory manner.
If you are an “Independent” or a “Franchised” service provider looking for “Additional Work,” to earn the level of income you “Wished For,” then give us a call or email your enquiry to us. You will need to be a “Motivated Self Starter” who understands and believes in “Customer Service” and you are prepared to work to a “Standard of Perfection” that delivers what our customers want. If you share these ideals, then please contact us with a view to achieving your business prosperity and the success you seek.
You will have a unique opportunity to “Grow” your business whilst still servicing your current customers, with “No Additional Entry Costs,” or monthly fees. Yes, no surprises! However, you can achieve “Growth” and “Success” with our organisation as a “Valued Team Member.”
You will need to have a valid ABN/ACN and have current insurance certificates in place as well as meeting all Statutory WH & S Compliance requirements. You will also need to satisfy our Field Supervisors as to the quality of your work, by showing them sites you have completed work at.
We will also need a list of your current equipment and any additional tools of trade you may wish to invest in to undertake our work.

Most importantly, you must possess a “Friendly Disposition” and “Willingness” to work hard in satisfying our “Customers Needs.”

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